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Let's Build a Stronger Lakewood Together

Christopher is exactly what Lakewood City Council needs right now. In times of crisis and struggle, we need leaders who understan​d all implications of policy decisions and lead with an open heart. Christopher is one of the most thoughtful, open and hardworking people I know and I'm certain he will improve the city of Lakewood and our quality of life.

Kyra deGruy Kennedy

I am so happy Christopher Arlen is stepping up to make Lakewood an inclusive place. He will do the hard work of listening, learning, considering all sides, then articulating a thoughtful path forward toward a better Lakewood.

Joan Jacobson | Ward 4 Resident 

I endorse Christopher Arlen for Lakewood City Council for our Ward 4. Christopher inspires me and others to have an inclusive community where we can all belong; we can all be heard; we can all actively participate.

I went out of my way to meet Chri​stopher after watching him in a candidate forum online video a couple of years ago. I liked what he said & wanted to meet him to see if he was for real! And he’s the real deal!

Christopher inspires me and others to work together to build an inclusive community, treat each other with respect, listen to each other, and work together for the common good. I personally describe Christopher as a peace-maker.

Brenda Bronson  |  Ward 4 Resident

"Christopher has masterful skills of bringing people together to work to accomplish common goals. His values are strong and well-founded on the principles of democracy of justice, equality, opportunity, and freedom. He is highly-intelligent and would make an excellent city councilor for the City of Lakewood."

Rob Eadie  |  Ward 4 Resident

Christopher has been a friend for many years now. Since he moved to Lakewood, he has consistently looked for ways to become involved in the betterment of the City of Lakewood and it’s community. He has organized listening circles which brought neighbors together to better know each other and to learn what kinds of issues are most important to ourselves and our neighbors. 

The conversation was enlightening and interesting. He is passionate, enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic and with him on the City Council, I am confident that he will serve to improve our city and make it an even better place to live. I hope you will vote YES for Christopher.

Lori Hladik | Ward 4 Resident  |  Manager, BSA, Merkle, Inc.

"I am supporting Christopher because since coming to Lakewood he has worked to invest his time and energy into the issues of our Lakewood politics. He has sought to hear the voices of our community and use his sincere voice of reason to address issues without dividing the community."

Bill Furman  |  Ward 4 Resident

I am thrilled that Christopher Arlen is running for Ward 4, Lakewood City Council, where I currently reside. I am confident Christopher embodies the best characteristics we need on our Council. He is intelligent and thoughtful, and will listen to both sides of any controversy. 

He will find solutions to our common problems so that Lakewood can recover from the Pandemic, and move into the future as a stronger city. At the same time, he will suggest bold and progressive ideas that are sorely needed, not only in our recovery, but to solve our common problems and the inequities in our systems. 

Christopher can balance the housing issues in our City with smart growth and continued economic opportunities. I sincerely urge everyone in Lakewood to support Christopher and help us build a bold, progressive leadership team on our Lakewood City Council.

Terry Tucker  |  Ward 4  |  Former Democratic National Committee Member​

Christopher's helpful presence at our board meetings has been appreciated and I look forward to his contributions and his deft ability to address conflict in a positive way on city council.

He has strong negotiating skills, a knack for diplomacy, and a sharp mind. I think that all of these attributes combined would make a very strong Ward 4 councilor.

Adrienne Hanagan  |  Ward 4 Resident

President & CEO, Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District

I strongly endorse Christopher Arlen for Lakewood City Council. We desperately need leaders like him at all levels of government. He is very intelligent, well informed, and articulate. He works well with others to solve problems. He is very effective at conflict resolution. 

Betty Butler  |  Ward 4 Resident  



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