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Let's Build a Stronger Lakewood Together





Full of possibilities… This is Lakewood’s slogan. Since its incorporation many years ago, Lakewood has always been aspirational.  This is what I love about Lakewood.

I’m running for Lakewood City Council because I believe that vision and

bold action is needed for Lakewood's future.

I know that we won't always agree, but that is okay. When we engage our diverse perspectives, we distill these differences into common themes. We activate our collective wisdom and imagine together what Lakewood's bold future can be. 

I'm running because I am committed to nurturing Lakewood's civic and historic character.

I know that we can  find new ways to come together as friends and sometimes as strangers; but always, as neighbors. Let's continue the work of building our inclusive community together.

I'm running because growing our local economy in a responsible way,

we can help maintain the Lakewood we love.  

We can continue to imagine new ways to support economic development and smart growth together.  We can imagine Lakewood's future workforce bringing vitality to the city, while celebrating and conserving Lakewood's historic roots.

We can envision new pathways to home ownership, to passing on generational wealth, to preserving and growing our parklands, and finding new ways to gather and enjoy our beautiful Lakewood together, with each other.

I will work for policies that are equitable, just, and non-partisan for our community. This is the work of building a truly inclusive community--and I intend to give true meaning and purpose to this word.   

I will speak truth to power, listen with humility, and lead with courage

Moreover, I will lead with integrity and transparency -- always calling it as I see it.

I am honored to have the endorsement of politically diverse friends from all walks of life and all political perspectives. I hope to earn your support as well!

I'm running for Lakewood City Council to continue preserving our

beautiful neighborhoods and community. 

It starts by listening to and hearing from you

I want to know what you think and how we might

chart the course of our future together.  

During my campaign and especially beyond the campaign, I will hold listening circles to hear residents voices. I am hosting several Civic Saturdays to create new dialogue that strengthens our civic bonds. 

I will be a City Councilor that maintains my relationship with the public--with you--well beyond this election campaign.    

Please reach out to me with any questions.  

I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!